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Orbis Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) Analyzer

The standard Orbis analyzer is ideal for applications that require large-particle or large feature analysis. This would include criminal forensics or industrial quality control work. The instrument has an industry-leading LN-Free X-ray silicon drift detector (SDD) and a color video camera with 10x and 100x magnification. A 300 µm mono-capillary lens, primary beam filter system and standard-precision motorized XYZ stage, and Genesis DPP analyzer are also included.

Standard Orbis SDD components include:

  • Rh tube (50kV, 50 W)
  • 300 µm mono-capillary optic
  • Automated primary beam filter system (open position, 6 filters, shutter)
  • Dual CCD cameras: 10x color; 100x color
  • Advanced 30 mm2 Silicon Drift Detector (SDD). No liquid cryogen cooling required 
  • Standard precision, computer-controlled XYZ stage
  • Sample chamber: vacuum or air
  • Digital signal analyzer electronics
  • Operating SW with automated analysis and quantification routines including:
    • Fundamental Parameter analysis with or without standards
    • Trace element analysis in light element matrices using Fundamental Parameter analysis
    • Semi-empirical analysis using calibrations with standards
The EDAX Orbis Micro-XRF Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) Analyzer offers non-destructive elemental analysis
The Orbis design eliminates incorrect sample analysis that occurs when sample topography obstructs the X-ray beam.

  • Sample chamber viewport with 4.9" x 4.9" (124 mm x 124 mm) viewable area
  • Advanced 50 mm2 Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)
  • Mo tube (50kV, 50W)
  • 100 µm mono-capillary optic in lieu of 300 µm mono-capillary optic
  • Automated collimators (1 mm and 2 mm) in conjunction with mono-capillary optic; selectable by SW control 
  • Software: spectral mapping, image processing SW, linescan, coating analysis, spectral matching, alloy ID, remote spectrometer SW for data processing

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